Listed below are several units which have been linked to Achievement Objectives from other curriculum areas as well as mathematics.


Curriculum areaMathematics StrandUnit Name
Level 1EnglishNumber and Algebra10 in the Bed
EnglishNumber and AlgebraMake 100
Health and PEStatisticsHealthy Hands
ScienceMeasurementLarge Animals, Small Animals
Social StudiesMeasurement/Number and AlgebraBirthday Party
TechnologyMeasurement/Number and Algebra/GeometryPlaydough
The ArtsGeometryTransformations of Spring
Level 2EnglishStatisticsWords
Health and PEMeasurement/StatisticsFun and Fitness
Social StudiesStatisticsVoting Vitality
The ArtsGeometryPicasso
Level 3EnglishStatisticsWhat's in a text?
Health and PENumber/StatisticsSports figures
ScienceMeasurementPaint It
Social StudiesStatisticsHanging out for Hangi
Social StudiesMeasurement/Geometry/StatisticsCoordinating the past
The ArtsGeometryPerspective on Picasso
Level 4EnglishNumber and Algebra/StatisticsHow Many Words?
Health and PENumber and StatisticsIt takes a village
Social StudiesMeasurementRights and Responsibilities
TechnologyNumber and MeasurementA measured response
The ArtsNumber/Geometry/MeasurementA Model World
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