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Listed below are several units which have been linked to Achievement Objectives from other curriculum areas as well as mathematics.


Curriculum area Mathematics Strand Unit Name
Level 1 English Number and Algebra Make 100
Health and PE Statistics Healthy Hands
Social Studies Measurement/Number and Algebra Birthday Party
The Arts Geometry Transformations of Spring
Level 2 English Statistics Words
Health and PE Measurement/Statistics Fun and Fitness
Science Geometry Honeycomb
Social Studies Statistics Voting Vitality
Technology Geometry/Measurement/Statistics Mailboxes
The Arts Geometry Picasso
Level 3 English Statistics What's in a text?
Health and PE Number/Statistics Sports figures
Science Measurement Paint It
Social Studies Statistics Hanging out for Hangi
Technology Measurement/Geometry Quilts
The Arts Geometry Perspective on Picasso
Digital Technology Geometry Starting from Scratch
Level 4 English Number and Algebra/Statistics How Many Words?
Health and PE Number and Statistics It takes a village
Science Measurement Solubility
Social Studies Measurement Rights and Responsibilities
Technology Number and Measurement A measured response
The Arts Number/Geometry/Measurement A Model World
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cross curricular crosscurricular