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These cross-curricular theme units link Matariki, the Māori new year, to the different strands of mathematics (note that Matariki is celebrated in late May or early June; check online for dates for each year):

These four cross-strand units are designed to help you get to know what your class can already do in maths. They are designed to help you get to know a new class at the start of the year, but could be used at any time:

Listed below are several units from other strands of the curriculum which have been linked to stages of the Number Framework.

Number framework stage Strand/Level Unit name
Count all Measurement, Level 1 Dino cylinders
Advanced counting Measurement, Level 1 Counting on measurement
Taller, wider, longer
Measuring beads
Measurement and Geometry, Level 1 Playdough
Early additive Statistical investigations, Level 2 Party, party, party
Measurement, Level 2 How long does it take?
Advanced additive Multi-strand, Level 3 School fair
Measurement Level 3 Perplexing perimeters
Slosh, dribble and plop
Advanced multiplicative (early proportional) Multi-strand, Level 4 Breakfast biscuits
Advanced proportional Geometry, Level 4 Team puzzles
Measurement, Level 4 How fast is fast?
Measurement, Level 5 Scale factors

We have also created several cross-curricular units of work which are linked to Achievement Objectives from other curriculum areas.