Number Strategies units of work

The Cross strand units are a selection of units from other strands with links to Number achievement objectives and stages of the Number Framework.


Number Framework

Addition  & subtraction

Multiplication & division


Level 1

Link to learning objects

Count all

Up we go 
Frogs in ponds 




Counting on

Money for starters *
Ways to add
Counting on counting 

Skip it to multiply it 

Level 2

Link to learning objects

Early additive

Make a 1000
Smart doubling
Make a 10 
The numbers get larger 
Money marvels *
Modeling numbers: 3-digit numbers 

Arrays hooray 
Multiplication stories

Getting partial
Fraction bits and parts

Level 3

Link to learning objects

Advanced additive

Money matters *
Addition and subtraction Pick 'n' mix
Three circles I
Modeling numbers: 6-digit numbers 

A prime search
Time for breakfast
Dare to compare
Eggs and a little bacon

Cuisenaire Rod Fractions: Level 3
Getting the point
Fraction benchmarks

Level 4

Link to learning objects

Advanced Multiplicative

Three circles II
Investigating integers
Modeling numbers: decimal numbers 

Multiplication and division pick 'n' mix
Weighty averages

Getting partial to fractions
Getting partial to decimals
Getting partial to percentages
Getting partial: fractions of sets
Getting partial: multiplying decimals
Cuisenaire Rod Fractions: Level 4
This is to that
Getting percentible
Mixing paint
Shopping for savings
Scaling the school
Equivalent fractions

Level 5
Link to learning objects

Advanced Proportional

Cuisenaire Rod Fractions: Level 5
Round the track
Rounding numbers
Square and cube roots
Exponent power
Egyptian fractions
Babylonian fractions I
Babylonian Fractions II
Multiplying and dividing integers

*: Units on money have been placed in this table on a 'best fit' basis.