Number Strategies units of work

The Cross strand units are a selection of units from other strands with links to Number achievement objectives and stages of the Number Framework.


Number Framework

Addition & subtraction

Multiplication & division


Level 1

Link to learning objects

Count all

Learning to count: Five-based grouping
Learning to count: Counting one-to-one
Frogs in ponds 
Knowing five
Using five




Counting on

Ways to add
Counting on counting 
Teen numbers (building with ten)
Building with tens
Making ten
Make 100

Money for starters *
Skip it to multiply it 

The teddy bears’ fraction picnic
Kiwi Kai

Level 2

Link to learning objects

Early additive

Place value with two-digit numbers
Building on two-digit place value
Place value people
Building with tens and hundreds
Place value to four digits
Number lines and bead strings
Smart doubling
Make a ten 
The numbers get larger
Make 1000
Money marvels *
Modeling numbers: 3-digit numbers 

Equal sets (easy multiplication and division)
Arrays hooray 
Multiplication stories


Fractions as numbers
Getting partial
Fraction bits and parts

Level 3

Link to learning objects

Advanced additive

Building a multiplicative view of whole number place value
Addition and subtraction Pick 'n' mix
Addition and subtraction with whole numbers
Three circles I
Money matters *

Dare to compare
Eggs and a little bacon
Productive thinking

Fractions from division
Cuisenaire Rod Fractions: Level 3

Decimals to tenths
Getting the point
Fraction benchmarks
Ordering proper and improper fractions
Beginning with percentages
Equivalent fractions with sets

Level 4

Link to learning objects

Advanced Multiplicative

Three circles II
Investigating integers

A prime search
Multiplication and division pick 'n' mix 1
Weighty averages
What's going on? Properties of multiplication and division

What's going on? Fractions
Getting partial to fractions
Getting partial to decimals
Getting partial to percentages
Getting partial: fractions of sets
Getting partial: multiplying decimals
Cuisenaire Rod Fractions: Level 4
This is to that
Getting percentible
Mixing paint
Shopping for savings
Scaling the school
Equivalent fractions

Level 5
Link to learning objects

Advanced Proportional

Multiplication and division pick 'n' mix 2
Cuisenaire Rod Fractions: Level 5
Round the track
Rounding numbers
Square and cube roots
Exponent power
Egyptian fractions
Babylonian mathematics I
Babylonian mathematics II
Multiplying and dividing integer

* Units on money have been placed in this table on a 'best fit' basis.