Learning at home: information for teachers

Looking for ways to support students learning at home?

It is not necessary, or reasonable, to expect families to turn their home into a classroom. Many families may simply need suggestions for how they can engage with mathematics using everyday experiences and resources found around their home. Maths at our house provides some suggestions for this.

Weekly plans

If you are looking for more structured ways to support your students' learning in maths, we have provided weekly plans largely using the family and whānau resources here on nzmaths. Each session in the weekly plans is written to take around 45 minutes to complete. Feel free to pick and choose from the activities in these plans to support the learning programmes for your students. Be mindful that your students will be engaging in different ways and for different amounts of time as they learn from home.

Our weekly plans use e-ako maths, an online tool developed by the Ministry of Education. e-ako modules are more like classroom lessons than games, and therefore children may require some guidance to get the most out of these. The modules vary in length, so we have suggested ways to split them so they can be completed over several days. Number Facts is a learning tool on e-ako maths that finds out the number facts children know and teaches them the ones they don’t.

An information page for parents about the weekly plans is available at www.nzmaths.co.nz/learning-home.

Getting started with e-ako maths