FAQs and other resources

Answers to questions that you may have about how to help your child with maths.
For Parents, on education.govt.nzThere is a section with information for parents and whānau on Education.govt.nz, the portal for education information in New Zealand.
Home-School Partnership: NumeracyAn interactive module to help families support the mathematics learning of children with special needs.
Home-School Partnership: NumeracyThe Home School Partnership: Numeracy Handbook has been designed as a guide for schools and communities to plan ways to work together to support children's numeracy achievement.
Home-School Partnership: NumeracyThe Numeracy Development Projects have been an important part of maths education in New Zealand schools for more than ten years.
Problem SolvingThe Problem Solving activities are grouped by strand and age level. They are designed for able students to attempt by themselves. Solutions and extensions are provided.
ECE sectionThe Early Childhood Education Section has material intended to support early childhood educators to use opportunities that arise in everyday interactions with children to foster the development of mathematical thinking.
National Standards pamphletsThere is information on the New Zealand Curriculum provided by the Ministry of Education.  There is also material for each year level, including information and tips on getting involved in your child's reading, writing and mathematics learning.
MutukaroaThe Mutukaroa programme is a process that fosters the active engagement of parents and whānau in learning partnerships and provides them with the tools and knowledge necessary to support the development of core skills in their children.