Supporting professional practice

Personalise your learning from an extensive range of PLD modules.
Enhance your teaching for improved student outcomes.
Collect evidence of professional learning. More information.
A full elaboration of the mathematics involved in each achievement objective with links to resources and exemplars of students' performance.
Tracking progress and achievement
Information about tracking students in relation to the NZC. This section also includes information about and links to the key mathematics assessment tools used in New Zealand. 
Materials developed as part of the ALiM project including: intervention resources, school stories, themes for success, and teacher lightbulb moments.
Gifted and talented
Information about giftedness in mathematics including identifying and providing support for gifted and talented students.
Numeracy project PLD
Familiarise yourself with the number framework and key ideas for teaching number.
Learn how to use materials to represent mathematical ideas.
Background information on the projects (2000-2009).
  • Just-In-Time Maths: Resources developed as part of a Ministry-funded mathematics PLD initiative.
  • Planning examples: A collection of case studies that show how schools can plan, and deliver, learning and teaching programmes in Mathematics and Statistics.
  • NZ mathematics education reports: Read about NZ's participation in international achievement studies, national monitoring of student achievement, the BES, and reports from ERO.
  • Tertiary fees funding support: Information and application forms.