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On the Families page there is an introductory video that describes how you can help your child learn about mathematics and support their learning at school.

One of the ideas suggested is creating a maths kete at home. The kete will include materials that are helpful in learning about maths through making and finding things and playing games together. This page gives you a list of things that you can find around your house or can get cheaply from discount shops. For each item in your kete there are ideas and links to the Maths at Our House activity pages as well as links to number knowledge activities. Many of the activities are games and have cards or boards that you can print off and add to your kete.

Click on the link under each image to see the suggestions for that item.

  Dice (see ideas)


  Playing cards (see ideas)


  Clocks (see ideas)


  Newspapers and flyers (see ideas)


  Wooden puzzles & blocks (see ideas)


  Calculator (see ideas)


  Pens, paper, scissors etc. (see ideas)


  Tape measures or rulers (see ideas)


  Play money (see ideas)


  Dominoes and games  (see ideas)


  Collections (see ideas)


  Stickers (see ideas)


  Play dough (see ideas)


  Shells (see ideas)


  Containers (see ideas)


  Fabric with patterns (see ideas)