Other PLD material

This section of the site provides information to support teachers' professional understanding of mathematics teaching and also information to develop their content knowledge of mathematics.

 Interactive professional development modules (e-ako) to support your teaching in a range of areas. Each e-ako contains both teaching screens and interactive elements to complete. 
PD modules are available to support the implementation of e-ako maths. The e-ako maths student modules are also a valuable content knowledge resource for teachers. 
Illustrates student responses to questions at each Number Framework stage using work samples and video clips.
 These documents provide a synthesis of research evidence which describes effective mathematics teaching.
These modules provide information to support teachers in understanding the Number Framework, and guidance on planning and implementing a classroom numeracy programme.
These PowerPoint and single page presentations complement the material in the NDP booklets. They are intended to support the teaching of the more challenging aspects of number.
Evaluation reports, PowerPoint conference presentations and a selection of references relating to the NDP.
Provides support and guidance for those responsible for leading mathematics learning communities within schools.
A series of seminars that could be used at staff or syndicate meetings to stimulate discussion around maths topics.
The Ministry is offering Fees Funding Support in 2018.  
Application forms are now available.