GM2-7: Predict and communicate the results of translations, reflections, and rotations on plane shapes.

Elaboration on this Achievement Objective

This means students will experience physically moving shapes so that they can predict the location and orientation of the shape after it has been translated, reflected or rotated, for example draw/show what this shape will look like if I give it a half turn about its centre. Students should be able to identify how many mirror lines a shape has that maps it onto itself, for example a square has four mirror lines. Translations are images of a shape as it is shifted along a line, for example translation arrows. ... Reflections are images of a shape as it is reflected in a mirror (sometimes called a flip), for example reflection arrows. Note that the line may be outside the object or within it. Rotations are images of a shape as it is turned about a point outside or within it, for example rotation arrows. .