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Digital Learning Objects

Dynamic Tools

Dynamic Tools.
Dynamic Tools helps users explore fractions of shapes and grids.
Shape fractions
Dynamic fractions

Number Line

Number Line.
Number Line helps users to record how they solve addition and subtraction problems using a number line.
Number Line

Scale Matters

Scale Matters.
Scale Matters helps users explore numberlines with a variety of scales.
Scale matters: tens
Scale matters: hundreds
Scale matters: simple units Icon.

The Array

The Array.
The Array introduces users to the array model of multiplication.
The array


Wishball is a game involving addition and subtraction with place value.
Wishball: tens
Wishball: hundreds
Wishball challenge: tens
Wishball challenge: hundreds

Modeling numbers: 3-digit numbers

Modeling Numbers.
Modeling Numbers helps users to explore numbers using a variety of representations.
Modeling Numbers: 3-digit numbers

Place Value Blocks

Place Value Blocks.
Place Value Blocks allows users to build numbers with 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s blocks.
Place Value Blocks

Addition and Subtraction Basic Facts

Number Line.
Addition and Subtraction Basic Facts helps users to fill the gaps in their addition and subtraction basic facts.
An updated version of this Learning Object is available in e-ako maths. The stand-alone version is no longer available.