Findings From the New Zealand Numeracy Development Projects 2006

A compendium of research findings from the 2006 Numeracy Development Project has been compiled and is available from this page.  The twelve papers in this compendium look at a variety of aspects of the NDP.   They are roughly grouped under the categories of student achievement; leading teachers and sustaining numeracy in schools; and professional practice.

Evaluations of the Secondary Numeracy Project (SNP) are also available.

The full documents can be accessed by clicking on the images to the right.  To download individual chapters, use the links below.  

These documents are provided in PDF format.  To view them you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.  If you need to get Adobe Acrobat Reader or update your current version please go to the Adobe site.  The Adobe Acrobat Reader software is FREE.  

A pamphlet (1MB) summarising the findings of the research projects around the Numeracy Project was released alongside the compendium.

Findings From the New Zealand Numeracy Development Projects 2006

File Author Size (KB)
FOREWORD Derek Holton 53
Do They Continue to Improve? Tracking the Progress of a Cohort of Longitudinal Students Gill Thomas and Andrew Tagg 83
Patterns of Performance and Progress on the Numeracy Development Projects: Findings from 2006 for Years 5–9 Students Jenny Young-Loveridge 120
The Development of Algebraic Thinking: Results of a Three-year Study Kathryn C. Irwin and Murray S Britt 89
Te Poutama Tau: Trends and Patterns Tony Trinick and Brendan Stevenson 89
"Who helps me learn mathematics, and how?": Māori Children’s Perspectives Ngāwera Hāwera, Merilyn Taylor, Jenny Young-Loveridge, and Sashi Sharma 85
Year 7–8 Students’ Solution Strategies for a Task Involving Addition of Unlike Fractions Jenny Young-Loveridge, Merilyn Taylor, Ngārewa Hāwera and Sashi Sharma 172
Numeracy Sustainability: Current Initiatives and Future Professional Development Needs Jenny Ward, Gill Thomas and Andrew Tagg 80
Leading a Curriculum Reform from Inside a School Joanna Higgins, Brenda Sherley, and Sandi L. Tait-McCutcheon 76
Keeping Going at Country School: Sustaining Numeracy Project Practices Fiona Ell 64
The Numeracy Development Projects: A Successful Policy–Research–Practice Collaboration Brian Annan 97
What do Teachers Know about Fractions? Jenny Ward and Gill Thomas 89
Exploratory Study of Home–School Partnership: Numeracy Jonathan Fisher and Alex Neill 87

Evaluations of the 2006 Secondary Numeracy Project

File Author Size (KB)
FOREWORD Kevin Hannah 35
Chapter 1: Evaluation of the 2006 Secondary Numeracy Project Roger Harvey and Joanna Higgins 128
Chapter 2: Performance of SNP Students on the Number Framework Andrew Tagg and Gill Thomas 79