Late level 4 plan (term 1)

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Planning notes

This plan is a starting point for planning a mathematics and statistics teaching programme for a term. The resources listed cover about 50% of your teaching time. Further resources need to be added to meet the specific learning needs of your class, to support your local curriculum and to provide sufficient teaching for a full term.

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Level Four
Units of Work
This unit requires students to find relationships between variables and calculate probabilities. It is set in the context of exploring ideas related to whakataukī (proverbs).
  • Find simple exponential number patterns.
  • Use exponential patterns to make predictions about further members of the pattern.
  • Use tables and graphs to identify relationships between two variables.
  • Create rules for relationships between two variables.
  • Use fractions to measure probabilities.
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Level Four
Number and Algebra
Units of Work
This unit presents a range of strategies for solving multiplication and division problems with multi-digit whole numbers. Students are encouraged to notice the structure of problems, and to anticipate which strategies might be best suited to solving them. This unit builds on the ideas presented in...
  • Mentally solve whole number multiplication and division problems using:
    1. proportional adjustment
    2. place value partitioning
    3. rounding and compensation
    4. factorisation.
  • Use appropriate recording techniques.
  • Predict the usefulness of strategies for given problems.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of selected strategies...
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Level Four
Geometry and Measurement
Units of Work
This unit explores important ideas about reflective and rotational symmetry.
  • Recognise when one figure is a reflection of another using invariant properties such as perpendicular distance from the mirror line, equalities of lengths, areas and angles, and opposite orientation in relation to the mirror line.
  • Recognise the rotational symmetry of a figure, including identifying...
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Level Four
Number and Algebra
Units of Work
This unit teaches students to identify linear relationships and solve linear equations in context.
  • Identify and find values for variables in context.
  • Identify linear relationships in context.
  • Represent linear relationships using tables, graphs and simple linear equations.
  • Draw strip diagrams to represent linear equations.
  • Solve simple linear equations and interpret the answers in context.
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Level Three
Number and Algebra
Units of Work
The purpose of this series of lessons is to develop understanding of equivalent fractions and the operations of addition and subtraction with fractions.
  • Add and subtract fractions with like denominators.
  • Explore and record equivalent fractions for simple fractions in everyday use.
  • Recognise that equivalent fractions occupy the same place on the number line.
  • Recognise and apply the multiplicative relationship between simple equivalent fractions.
  • Understa...
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