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Digital Learning Objects

The majority of the learning objects are held in Te Pātaka Matihiko - Digistore.  To access these objects you will need to be signed in with your Education Sector Logon.  Click for more information on accessing Digistore.

Click here to access the learning objects which are held outside the Digistore. These learning objects do not require a password.

The table below provides access to all of the available learning objects, both within and outside the Digistore. Select a strand or level to display the related Learning Objects. Choosing a cell from within the table will display the Learning Objects at that strand AND level.







Level 1

Algebra, level 1Geometry, level 1Measurement, level 1Number, level 1Statistics, level 1

Level 2

Algebra, level 2Geometry, level 2Measurement, level 2Number, level 2Statistics, level 2

Level 3

Algebra, level 3Geometry, level 3Measurement, level 3Number, level 3Statistics, level 3

Level 4

Algebra, level 4Geometry, level 4Measurement, level 4Number, level 4Statistics, level 4

Level 5

Algebra, level 5Geometry, level 5Measurement, level 5Number, level 5Statistics, level 5

Information about the learning objects.

Interface to the Māori versions of the learning objects (not all learning objects exist in Māori).