Digital Learning Objects

The table below provides access to all of the available learning objects. Select a strand or level to display the related Learning Objects. Choosing a cell from within the table will display the Learning Objects at that strand AND level.

Te Pātaka Matihiko - Digistore is closed from March 1 2018. Most of the Learning Objects are still available through links to Scootle (no password required).
Learning objects only available from the Digistore have now been removed from this section.

Algebra, level 1
Geometry, level 1
Number, level 1
Statistics, level 1
Algebra, level 2
Geometry, level 2
Measurement, level 2
Number, level 2
Statistics, level 2
Algebra, level 3
Geometry, level 3
Measurement, level 3
Number, level 3
Statistics, level 3
Algebra, level 4
Geometry, level 4
Measurement, level 4
Number, level 4
Statistics, level 4
Algebra, level 5
Geometry, level 5
Measurement, level 5
Number, level 5
Statistics, level 5

Information about the learning objects.

Māori versions of the learning objects (not all learning objects exist in Māori).