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Relevant and up-to-date teaching resources are being moved to Tāhūrangi ( 
When all identified resources have been successfully moved, this website will close. We expect this to be in June 2024. 
e-ako maths, e-ako Pāngarau, and e-ako PLD 360 will continue to be available. 

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Level Two

Level Two

Face Painter.
Face Painter requires users to identify the faces of 3D objects that are a certain 2D shape.
Face painter: finding faces 1

Level Two

The Array.
The Array introduces users to the array model of multiplication.
The array

Level Two

The Difference Bar.
The Difference Bar helps users solve subtraction problems by partitioning and comparing.
The difference bar: generate easy subtractions

Level Two

Wishball is a game involving addition and subtraction with place value.
Wishball: hundreds
Wishball challenge: tens
Wishball challenge: hundreds

Level Two

Modeling Numbers.
Modeling Numbers helps users to explore numbers using a variety of representations.
Modeling Numbers: 3-digit numbers

Level Two

Number Line.
Addition and Subtraction Basic Facts helps users to fill the gaps in their addition and subtraction basic facts.
An updated version of this Learning Object is available in e-ako maths. The stand-alone version is no longer available.

Level Two

The Vile Vendor.
The Vile Vendor explores likelihood in the context of a machine which randomly dispenses disgusting drinks.
The vile vendor: questions