GM5-9: Define and use transformations and describe the invariant properties of figures and objects under these transformations.

Elaboration on this Achievement Objective

This means that students will accurately describe the transformation a figure or object has undergone and describe the invariant properties. At Level Five this will include the angle and centre of rotation, the distance and direction of translation, the magnitude and centre of enlargement (including fractional changes for example 1 1/2), and the line of reflection. Students will also draw the results of transformations on objects. 

Students will be able to describe which properties of shapes change for each transformation:

  1. Under rotation lengths, areas, angles do not change but orientation does.
  2. Under reflection lengths, areas and angles do not change but orientation does.
  3. Under translation lengths, areas, angles and orientation do not change.
  4. Under positive enlargement angles and orientation do not change but lengths and areas do.