GM4-3: Use side or edge lengths to find the perimeters and areas of rectangles, parallelograms, and triangles and the volumes of cuboids.

Elaboration on this Achievement Objective

At Level Four students should apply their multiplicative strategies to find perimeters and areas of commonly used polygons and volumes of cuboids where the lengths of sides and edges are given as whole number measures. Calculations required are:


area rectangle.

 area parallelogram.


area triangle.

Rectangle: Area = base x height
Perimeter = 2 x (base + height)

Parallelogram: Area = base x height
Perimeter = 2 x (base + side length)

Triangle: Area = 1/2 (base x height)
Perimeter = side + side + side

volume cuboid.

Cuboid: Volume = base x height x depth

Students should express the areas and volumes using symbols, for example 48cm3 (48 cubic centimetres).