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To ensure the quality of the content of nzmaths, we periodically review material. As part of this process, the following resources have been removed because they were out of date, relied on broken links, or were replaced with improved content. Where an alternative resource is available, a link is provided.

  • Pieces of twenty was removed. There are better ways to teach this concept. (June 2022).

  • How can they say that? was removed. It was out of date and had broken links. (June 2022).

  • Number hangman was removed (both the family activity and the numeracy activity). Hangman is a problematic context and the activities were not unique enough to warrant rewriting. (June 2022).

  • Fibonacci I and Fibonacci II were removed. Fascinated by Fibonacci covers the same content. (January 2022).

  • How much cereal? was removed. It involved activities that required buying food that would likely be wasted. Rainbow Jelly covers similar ideas (December 2021).

  • Magic Squares was removed. Other algebra units explore the same ideas more clearly (December 2021).

  • Matilda's Waltz with the 5 Strip Box was removed. Fascinated by Fibonacci includes similar content (August 2021).

  • And up we go was removed. Similar content is available in other resources (July 2021).

  • Early number patterns was renamed as Odd and even numbers to better reflect its content (July 2021).

  • Ten in the Bed - Skip Counting was removed. Skip counting is covered in the unit Skip it to multiply it (July 2021).

  • Large animals, small animals was removed. These measurement ideas are covered in other units in the length and area collections (July 2021).

  • Spoonfuls, cupfuls and handfuls was removed. Its content is covered in Dino Cylinders and Counting on Measurement (July 2021).

  • The school stories, and the additional examples from the theme stories, were removed from the Accelerating learning section. The school stories were more than 10 years old and did not represent the current implementation of ALiM. (May 2021)

  • The gender gap was removed. Its content was out of date. Exploring New Zealand's data contains similar activities. (December 2020).

  • Travel to school II was removed. Its content was incorporated into Travel to school. (November 2020).

  • 2007 National Numeracy Facilitators' Conference and 2008 National Numeracy Facilitators' Conference were removed. These resources are out of date. (November 2020).

  • Unknowns and variables: Solving one-step equations was removed. Its content is covered in Food for thought: Using equations (November 2020).

  • Top drop was removed. Its content is covered in Flip and roll. (November 2020).

  • Heads or tails was removed. Its content is covered in Flip and roll. (November 2020).

  • PLD360 module Teacher and student inquiry was removed. Its content is covered in the four modules in the Improving student outcomes through your teacher inquiry collection.

  • Gambling - Who Really Wins? was removed. Its content is covered in the unit What are the chances? (October 2020).

  • Let's trade was removed. The data was out of date and the unit not of sufficient value to be worth updating. (October 2020).

  • The shape of the nation was removed. The links were out of date and population pyramids are not a focus at this level. (October 2020).

  • My favourite was removed. The content has been included as part of Parties and favourites. (October 2020).

  • Problem Solving Modules, a page linking to interactive modules for students, was removed. Updated versions of this content is available in e-ako maths. (October 2020).

  • Interactive PD modules, a page linking to PD modules for teachers, was removed. All of this content is available in e-ako PLD360.  (October 2020).

  • Coordinating the past was removed. The content was out of date. (September 2020)

  • Flash versions of the Equipment Animations were removed from the site. MP4 Equipment Animations were added to replace them. (September 2020)

  • The quirky quadrangle was removed. The work samples were beyond level 3. (August 2020).

  • Cutting bacon and egg pie was removed. Was intended as a pattern activity, but unlikely students will identify pattern. Not well supported. (August 2020).

  • Saving for surfing was removed. The activity and work samples were not well aligned. (August 2020).

  • Deliveries was removed. It was miscoded as a probability activity and was not a good example of an algebra activity. (August 2020).

  • People pyramids was removed. The content was too difficult for level 3. (August 2020).

  • Fraction patterns was removed. The patterns content and the fraction operations required were at significantly different levels. (August 2020).

  • Tricky rectangles was removed. Perimeter = area rectangles is a similar activity. (August 2020).

  • Angles was removed. Measuring angles and Simple angles include similar content (August 2020).

  • The Spreadsheet tutorial was removed. It was significantly out of date and better information is available online. (July 2020).

  • Predict away was removed. Its content is covered in the unit What's in the bag (July 2020).

  • Modeling numbers: 6-digit numbers was removed. Its content is part of Place value with whole numbers (July 2020).

  • Modeling numbers: Decimals was removed. Its content is part of Place value with whole numbers and decimals (July 2020).

  • Space tiling with Captain Planet was removed. Polyhedra (3D shapes) includes similar content (July 2020).
  • Building patterns constantly was removed and replaced with Building patterns (June 2020).
  • Building patterns incrementally was removed and replaced with Building patterns (June 2020).
  • Hundreds of patterns was removed and replaced with Building patterns (June 2020).
  • Marshmallows was removed. The activities included inappropriate use of food (January 2020).
  • Which graph? was removed. Which Graph? with Excel contains all of the same content (January 2020).
  • How do people get to work? was removed. The content was very dated, and included links to out of date data (no EVs) (January 2020).