Problem Solving Modules

This collection of problem solving modules have been developed for independent use by high achieving students. They each explore a mathematical problem in some depth.

The rolling square problem
What patterns do the vertices of a small square make as it 'rolls' round a larger square?
What amounts of postage can be made with 3 cent and 7 cent stamps?
What digits do the letters in these equations represent?
How do you know when to stop rolling the dice in this probability game?

Some of the screens in the modules include interactive elements (dropdown fields, check boxes, radio buttons, drag and drop items). Your responses to these elements are marked when you click on the  button. If you hover over the small red  beside incorrect responses you will receive specific feedback. If you want to retry the screen you can click on the  button. This will reset all incorrect responses on that screen. Click on the  button to move to the next screen.  Some screens have choices within the content of the screen.  On these screens you need to click on your choice, and there will be no  button.

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These modules, and several more, are also available in e-ako maths. New Zealand users can create an account to use e-ako maths by clicking on the image to the left.