Year 9: Relationships and functions

Students are expected to interpret, connect, and represent linear and non-linear (e.g. quadratic) equations using tables, graphs, and words. With linear equations students are expected to connect the slope and intercept with the formula. There is also an expectation that students can generate a formula for a given linear, or non-linear, relationship.

These units of work will improve students' fluency with relationships and functions:

Students will also benefit from working independently or collaboratively on the following student e-ako on the Patterns and relationships pathway (information about e-ako maths):

  • PR4.10: Discrete and continuous graphs, and linear relationships
  • PR4.20: Solving a problem using a table and a graph
  • PR4.30: Generating a spatial pattern
  • PR4.40: Exploring dependent and independent variables
  • PR5.20: Solving problems involving intersecting linear relationships
  • PR5.40: Graphing parabolas
  • PR5.30: Generating and generalising a quadratic relationship
  • PR5.50: Distinguishing between linear and quadratic relationships
  • PR5.60: Using the features of a parabola to solve a problem