The activities on this page are sorted into two types:

  • The problem solving investigations each present a mathematical problem and provide support in starting to explore it.
  • The Mathematical explorations each provide a starting point for exploring an interesting idea with important mathematical content.

Both types of activity include printable student pages, and teachers' notes pages.

Problem solving investigations

8 EightsStudent (PDF, 209KB)Teacher (PDF, 351KB)
NimStudent (PDF, 294KB)
Recording sheet (PDF, 255KB)
Teacher (PDF, 497KB)
PopcornStudent (PDF, 453KB)Teacher (PDF, 641KB)
Square IslandStudent (PDF, 395KB)Teacher (PDF, 371KB)
Perfect FundraiserStudent (PDF, 267KB)Teacher (PDF, 198KB)

Mathematical explorations

Self Assembling CubeStudent (PDF, 265KB)Teacher (PDF, 464KB)
SignpostStudent (PDF, 315KB)Teacher (PDF, 584KB)
Place Value
Student (PDF, 272KB)
Example (PDF, 252KB)
Teacher (PDF, 257KB)
CoastlineStudent (PDF, 314KB)Teacher (PDF, 341KB)
IntersectionStudent (PDF, 397KB)Teacher (PDF, 412KB)
Kiwi GeneticsStudent (PDF, 454KB)Teacher (PDF, 681KB)
Mapping GlobeStudent (PDF, 471KB)Teacher (PDF, 448KB)
Maths as a PlaceStudent (PDF, 331KB)Teacher (PDF, 335KB)
Seventh HeavenStudent (PDF, 263KB)Teacher (PDF, 197KB)
Landmarks InvestigationStudent (PDF, 317KB)Teacher (PDF, 180KB)
Mirrors InvestigationStudent (PDF, 212KB)Teacher (PDF, 179KB)