• To practice adding doubles + 1 and – 1.

You need:

  • Game board (one per player) (PDF, 4KB)
  • One dice numbered 4-9
  • Two players

How to play.

  • Roll the dice.
  • Double the number. Either add 1 or subtract 1 and cover the number. For example, if 5 is rolled they can either cover 9 or 11.
  • If there are two 9s they can only cover 1 of them.
  • The first to cover all numbers on their board is the winner.


  • In another game choose 3 to add or subtract and cover the sum on the card. For example, a child rolls 7, doubles the number to 14 adds 3 and covers 17 on the card. They need to choose the strategy wisely because if they double 4 to 8 and take away 3 they will get 5 and there is no 5 on the board. So they will have to miss a turn.

Download a file of this activity:

PDF (8KB) or Word (27KB)