Year 9: Working with expressions and equations

TIMSS puts strong emphasis on students being able to substitute values into a given equation, and evaluate the unknown variable. The equations sometimes involve more complex notation such as square root, powers, and division, and are sometimes non-linear. Students are also expected to simplify expressions, and determine when two expressions are equivalent.

These units of work will improve students' fluency with equations and expressions:

Students will also benefit from working independently or collaboratively on the following student e-ako on the Equationd and expressions pathway (information about e-ako maths):

  • EE4.20: Finding the value of unknowns in one step problems
  • EE4.40: Working step by step to solve equations
  • EE4.50: Solving equations with unknowns on each side
  • EE4.50+: Solving equations in real world contexts
  • EE5.10: Solving problems involving linear equations and inequations
  • EE5.20: Expanding and simplifying algebraic expressions
  • EE5.30: Factorising and solving quadratic equations