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Relevant and up-to-date teaching resources are being moved to Tāhūrangi ( 
When all identified resources have been successfully moved, this website will close. We expect this to be in June 2024. 
e-ako maths, e-ako Pāngarau, and e-ako PLD 360 will continue to be available. 

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Click to read about the purpose of the tasks below (show purpose).

We suggest that you ask your child what kinds of things they have been doing in maths at school, and select a task from this menu.

The versions of the tasks below include suggested questions to ask and, where appropriate, worksheets, in Māori.


Tatau Māwhitiwhiti (Helping hands) (PDF, 256KB)  Count forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s.
Ngā Meka Tāpiri ki te Tekau (Memory tens) (PDF, 361KB) Learn your addition facts to ten.
Kia Eke ki te Tekau (Dicing ten) (PDF, 415KB) Learn your addition facts to ten.
Te Huatango (Keep the difference) (PDF, 382KB) Work out the difference between two numbers in your head.
Te Tohatoha Ōrite (Left overs) (PDF, 455KB) Understand how to share things equally.


Te Whakaoti Rapanga (It's a problem) (PDF, 378KB)  Show how you can record the ways you solve problems.


Whāia Aku Tohutohu (Follow me) (PDF, 388KB)  Practise using and following words to describe position and movement.
He Āhua (Shape shifter) (PDF, 219KB) Recognise and sort common shapes.


Inea Ki Te Matikara (Hands high) (PDF, 346KB)  Measure lengths by counting 'how many' of a familiar object.