• To give practice in comparing and developing the idea of difference.

You need:

  • 30 blocks of equal size in a pile between the 2 children
  • A die

How to play:

  • Child A rolls the die and builds a tower with the number rolled (if child rolls a 4 then they build a tower of 4 blocks).
  • Child B also rolls the dice and then builds a tower (if a 6 is rolled then they build a tower of 6).
  • They compare their towers and talk about the difference between their towers.
  • Child B keeps 2 blocks and joins them together as the start of their individual tower.
  • The rest of the blocks are returned to the centre pile.
  • They repeat the rolls again and compare.
  • If Child B once again has a higher tower than Child A, for example, a tower of 4 compared to a tower of 3 then they join that 1 block to the 2 they have already.
  • The child that makes a tower to 10 first is the winner.


  • Instead of a game turn it into an activity where children can talk about ‘how many more’.

Download a file of this activity:

PDF (10KB) or Word (27KB)