Section 7: Building On the Relationships That Have Been Established

Encourage your school to have a long-term plan for Home–School Partnership. Incorporate the successful ideas acquired from the Home–School Partnership: Numeracy sessions in future Home–School Partnership plans.

  • Have a series of meetings rather than “one-offs”.
  • Consider focusing on different year groups, syndicates or transitions from Early Childhood Centres.
  • Encourage teachers to focus on building relationships, not just with their students but with the parents and family as well.
  • Consider a similar approach with other curriculum areas.
  • Contact school advisers for ideas and support.
  • Use expertise within the school.
  • Share ideas and training sessions with nearby schools.
  • Establish a planning team. The numeracy team can provide information on organisation for sessions.
  • Approach the BOT for a Home–School Partnership budget.
  • Ask parents to support class programmes by making equipment and games.
  • Invite parents into class to help with class programmes.
  • Parents can share or teach aspects of their own cultures, as relevant.