They're Off


This is a level 3 geometry activity from the Figure It Out theme series.
A PDF of the student activity is included.

Achievement Objectives
GM3-5: Use a co-ordinate system or the language of direction and distance to specify locations and describe paths.
Student Activity

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Specific Learning Outcomes

use different views of a model to mark a locatin on the map

Required Resource Materials
Square grid paper

FIO, Level 3, Theme: At Camp, They're Off, page 10

A classmate


Students may need experience of simpler forms of this problem before attempting this page. Similar tasks can be modelled simply with objects on a desktop. For example, these objects are placed on a desk:

desktop objects.
Students can sketch the views from desk level of the front, right, left, and back by crouching down until their eyes are at desk height.

desk view.

Then reverse this exercise by giving students two views of objects that have been placed on a desk in a different position and ask them to recreate the view looking down. For example:

Transferred to the problem of Mārama Island, the method for finding the top view might be:

The location of each land feature can be found by intersecting gridlines as shown above.

Answers to Activities

1. Discussion will vary. As a starting point, you need to work out where north is in relation to the view in each picture. Mount Mārama is in the west, the radio transmitter is in the north, and the lighthouse is in the south-east.
2. See the map on page 15 of the students’ booklet.


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