Paper-folding Fractions


This activities is for students to use independently of the teacher to practice number properties

Achievement Objectives
NA3-5: Know fractions and percentages in everyday use.
NA3-5: Know fractions and percentages in everyday use.
Specific Learning Outcomes

find fractions using paper folding

Description of Mathematics

Number Sequence and Order, AA (Stage 6)

Required Resource Materials
Paper Folding Fractions 2 (PDF or Word)

Paper Folding Fractions 1 (PDF or Word)

Student Project (PDF or Word)


Prior knowledge.

  • Paper-fold various fractions by using a combination of strategies based on halving, thirding and fifthing.


To become effective users of multiplication and division, students need to develop an understanding of the role of factors in these operations. For example, multiplying by two then five is the same as multiplying by ten, dividing by four is the same as dividing by two then two again. The relationship between division and fractions is also an important one to identify. This practical activity helps students to start exploring such relationships.

This activity also encourages students to consider how to create quality work – what is most important and what is less important. It also gives them practice at looking at work, providing constructive feedback and looking at how to improve work.

Comments on the Exercises

Exercise 1
Asks students to explore related fractions of 1/2, 1/4, 1/8s using paper folding.

Exercise 2
Asks students to explore related fractions of 1/3s and of 1/5s using paper folding.

Student Project
Asks students to work in groups to produce a poster about the mathematics they learnt in the paper folding fractions.

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