Go Fish 10


This activity encourages students to learn the addition facts of ten.

Achievement Objectives
NA1-3: Know groupings with five, within ten, and with ten.
Specific Learning Outcomes

identify the addition facts for ten

Required Resource Materials
Six sets of numeral cards 1 to 9.
  1. This activity is based on the card game Go Fish and is played in groups of 2 to 4.
  2. Shuffle and then deal out all the cards to the players.
  3. The students look through their cards and make pairs of cards that sum to 10.  These pairs are placed front up in front of each student.
  4. The students take turns asking one another for a card that they can use to make 10 with a card in their hand.
  5. If the student asked has the card they must give it up.
  6. The student keeps asking until they are told that they don’t have a card.
  7. The aim of the activity is to get the most pairs that sum to 10.

pairs. pairs. pairs.

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