Find the Ten


The purpose of this activity is to help students learn groupings within 10. For example 3 and 7 make 10; 8 and 2 make 10.

Achievement Objectives
NA1-3: Know groupings with five, within ten, and with ten.
Specific Learning Outcomes

Recall groupings within 10, for example 3 and 7 make 10; 8 and 2 make 10.

  1. Tell the students they are going to be working with strings of numbers and finding two numbers that add up to 10.
  2. Write three numbers on the board, ensuring that two of the numbers add to ten. For example: 7,4,3
  3. Ask:
    Which two numbers add together to make 10?
  4. Once the students have identified the correct number pair, reinforce the number fact:
    That’s right, 7 and 3 make 10.
  5. Repeat with several different strings of numbers.
  6. Have students work with a partner. Each student writes three numbers, two of which add to 10. Students then swap their work and find the pair of numbers that adds to 10 in their partners work.

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