Buttons to Ten


In this activity students explore all the combinations to ten.  These are necessary facts to come to know as they are used as a base to derive other facts from.  For example 8 + 4 = .  I know 8 + 2 = 10 there’s 2 more so it’s 12

Achievement Objectives
NA1-3: Know groupings with five, within ten, and with ten.
Specific Learning Outcomes

name the combinations to 10.

Required Resource Materials
Beans, buttons or counters that are one colour on one side and a different colour on the reverse.
  1. Put students into pairs or small groups of 3 or 4.  Each group of students will need a set of ten counters coloured different colours on each side. 
  2. Students can take turns to either shake the counters in their hands, or shake them in a small container and empty them onto the floor in front of them. 
  3. Students are encouraged to sort the counters into groups of the colour they landed on.  Discuss how the separate colours can be sorted so that the pattern is easier to read.  For example
  4. example.


  5. Students can record the number sentence on a piece of paper.

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