Building Teens


In this activity the students use their knowledge of tens frames to reinforce their knowledge of teen numbers.  The activity encourages the students to notice the different combinations they are able to make.

Achievement Objectives
NA1-3: Know groupings with five, within ten, and with ten.
Specific Learning Outcomes

Group and regroup to make teen numbers.

Required Resource Materials
Two Tens Frames for each student


Teacher can use a whiteboard and coloured pens to show this.

  1. Use two tens frames and say
    How would you arrange 12 counters on the frames? How did you decide to show 12 this way?
  2. Then ask the group.
    What do you notice about the counters on the frames?
    Encourage a variety of responses.
  3. Ask other students to show 12 in different ways.
  4. Use other teen numbers each time, and repeat the questions.


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