Algebra Relays


This activity provides students with a fun, game context in which to practice their early algebra skills.

Achievement Objectives
NA3-2: Know basic multiplication and division facts.
Specific Learning Outcomes

solve simple algebraic equations using their basic multiplication facts.

Required Resource Materials
Algebra relay cards
  1. Each group should have four members. (If there are not enough people one person can do two cards).  Each group gets one set of cards numbered 1 - 4.


  2. To start the relay the teacher writes the values of a on the whiteboard or hands the card to the teams.

  3. The student who has card #1 uses the value of a to solve their equation. When they have answered question 1 they tell the student with card #2 the value of b, who solves question 1 on their card and tells the student with card #3 the value of c and so on until the student with card #4can find the value to e. This is done with each question.
  4. The first team to find the values of e for each question
  5. Teams will need to be reminded that if e is wrong all team members need to check that question on their card. No answers are fractions.

The points system

This depends on the number of teams in the relay but an example could be:

First correct answer - 20 points

Second correct answer - 15 points

Third correct answer - 10 points

Fourth correct answer - 5 points

Variations could be:

  • Use more difficult starting numbers.
  • Allow only one person (or no one) to use a calculator.

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