The 5Rs and Scram!


This is a level 2 and 3 mathematics in science contexts activity from the Figure It Out series.
A PDF of the student activity is included.

Student Activity


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Specific Learning Outcomes

using language that relates to environmental resources.

Required Resource Materials
game words, word meanings, judge's sheet, word and meanings sheet (see copymaster)

coloured sticky notes

FIO, Levels 2+-3+, Sustainability, The 5Rs and Scram!, pages 1-3

30 5Rs cards (see copymaster)



Game (The 5Rs)
A card game that introduces ways of recycling household items or reducing our use of resources.

Game (Scram!)
A game that helps you understand words about the environment and resources.



waterA liquid that animals and plants need to live
resourcesMaterials or energy from the environment that are used to meet human needs or wants
airWhat we need to breathe
renewableCan be replaced by growing, making, or collecting more
environmentThe world we live in
rechargeReplace used-up power
reduceCut down the amount of rubbish we produce
repairReplace or mend a faulty part
reuseUse more than once
biodegradeableDecomposes or breaks down
non-renewableCan’t be replaced after it has been used
wasteAny material that is discarded
recycleUse waste materials to make new products
conservationProtecting the environment and natural resources
inorganicNot part of the animal or vegetable kingdom

 2. a. Examples will vary. Here are some possibilities:


WordSituation or example
waterIn some parts of the world, there is not enough clean water for drinking.
resourcesThe air we breathe, the oil we extract for fuel, and the food we grow to eat are all resources because we use them to meet our needs and wants.
airAir contains the oxygen that we need to live.
renewableGrass is renewable because it grows back when eaten by animals.
environmentOur house, our school, the roads we travel on, and the fi elds we play sport in are all part of our environment.
rechargeSome batteries can be recharged so that they can be used again.
reduceWe can reduce the amount of food rubbish we produce by putting compostable material into a compost bin or heap.
repairThings such as clothes, shoes, and electronic equipment can often be repaired so that they are “as good as new”.
reuseWe can reuse a water bottle by filling it again from the tap.
biodegradeableApple cores and banana peels will rot and decompose because they are biodegradable.
non-renewableOil is a non-renewable resource because once it is used, it cannot be replaced.
wasteAnything we put into the rubbish bin is waste.
recycleMelting glass bottles to make new bottles is recycling.
conservationCatch-and-release fishing is a form of conservation.
inorganicWater and rocks are inorganic because they are not alive.

b. Practical activity
c. Examples of extra words are: sustainable, natural, packaging, energy, solar, exploit, consume, soil.


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