Ordering Numeracy Project Books

The Ministry is migrating nzmaths content to Tāhurangi.           
Relevant and up-to-date teaching resources are being moved to Tāhūrangi (tahurangi.education.govt.nz). 
When all identified resources have been successfully moved, this website will close. We expect this to be in June 2024. 
e-ako maths, e-ako Pāngarau, and e-ako PLD 360 will continue to be available. 

For more information visit https://tahurangi.education.govt.nz/updates-to-nzmaths

If you are a new teacher or are ordering for new teachers and require copies of the available numeracy books, please call 0800 660 662, or fax 0800 660 663 with the following details, or email your order to orders@thechair.minedu.govt.nz:

Please ensure that you provide complete contact information to aid in processing your order quickly.

Please send _____ copies of the following books from the Numeracy Project series:

  • Book 1, The Number Framework (item number 31668)
  • Book 2, The Diagnostic Interview (item number 13200)
  • Book 3: getting Started (item number 13383)
  • Book 4: Teaching Number Knowledge (item number 13204)
  • Book 5: Teaching Addition, Subtraction, and Place Value (item number 31877)
  • Book 6: Teaching Multiplications and Division (item number 31872)
  • Book 7: Teaching Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages (item number 33013)
  • Book 8, Teaching Number Sense and Algebraic Thinking (item number 13210)
  • Book 9: Teaching Number through Measurement, Geometry, Algebra and Statistics (item number 13212) 
  • Enriching the Number Framework with BSM (item number 13216)

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