Numeracy Development Projects Books

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These books were developed to support the implementation of the Numeracy Development Projects, a professional development programme implemented in most New Zealand primary schools between 2000 and 2009.

Book NameDate UpdatedFile size (KB)
Book 1: The Number Framework7 Dec 11PDF 698
Book 2: The Diagnostic Interview17 Mar 08PDF 788
Book 3: Getting Started17 Mar 08PDF 464
Book 4: Teaching Number Knowledge17 Mar 08PDF 570
Book 5: Teaching Addition,Subtraction and Place Value10 Apr 15PDF 876
Book 6: Teaching Multiplication and Division17 Mar 08PDF 1311
Book 7: Teaching Fractions, Decimals and Percentages13 May 08PDF 1340
Book 8: Teaching Number Sense and Algebraic Thinking17 Mar 08PDF 569
Book 9: Teaching Number through Measurement, Geometry, Algebra and Statistics13 Aug 07PDF 888
Enriching the Number Framework with BSM17 Mar 08PDF 1117
Home-School Partnership: Numeracy Handbook1 Aug 08 


Support material (PDF, 830KB) has been developed to use alongside Books Five and Six.