Students are encouraged to think multiplicatively to solve division problems. The learning objects involve sharing division and grouping (repeated subtraction) division in different contexts.

Teacher notes

  • Students interpret a division word problem and its solution.
  • Students are supported by a tool to model the grouping or sharing division process and by scaffolding to make sense of remainders.

Learning objects

Divide it up picture.

Divide it up: puppies
Students predict the number of toys or biscuits each dog will get. They then check their prediction and decide what to do with the leftover. Remainders are dealt with as either fractions or whole numbers, depending on whether the item can be sub divided.

Divide it up picture.

Divide it up: grouping tool
This is an open-ended interactive tool for modelling grouping division with whole number remainders only. Students make their own equation to solve. The printout shows how the student solved the equation.