Students explore the concept of area as covering a surface, and to introduce the formula for calculating the area of a rectangle.

Teacher notes

  • Students estimate the area of the shape (square, rectangle or L shaped) using a reference square. Students cover the shape with the square, first completing a row or a column and then copying the entire row or column to complete the shape.
  • Students then calculate the area, using the dimensions of the shape to fill in the formula length X width.
  • An animated multiplication table supports students who experience difficulty with calculating the product.

Learning objects

Area concept picture.

Finding the area of rectangles
Students work with squares and rectangles and calculate products of numbers up to 9.

Area concept picture.

Finding the area of compound shapes
Students work with L shaped shapes. Students calculate the area of each part of the L shape then add the results.

Area concept picture.

Area Counting with Coco
This is an aggregated learning object combining the two other learning objects.