Musical Number Patterns

Students develop an understanding that patterns consist of repeating elements or groups of elements, are predictable and can be represented in different forms.

Teacher notes

  • Students use a counting rule to record a number pattern on a number line
  • Students listen to the sound pattern created by the sequence of numbers on the line
  • The structure of the rules is: 'select a starting number and a 'count by' number.
  • Starting numbers are 0-3 and 'count by' numbers are up to 10.

Learning objects

Musical number picture.

Musical number patterns: music maker
Students create a rule by selecting a starting number (from 0,1 or 2) and a 'count by' number (up to 10). Up to three number lines and rules can be made and played separately or together. Number line goes up to 36.

Musical number picture.

Musical number patterns: musical times
Students are presented with a pattern on a number line and required to create a rule for the pattern. The rule format is start at 'n' and count by 2 x 'n'. Students create a second rule using a similar format.