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Students manipulate 2D shapes, by sliding and overlapping, to create other 2D shapes.

Teacher notes

  • Tasks such as making a specified shape to complete a picture puzzle require the student to consider the properties of the two original shapes and visualise how the two shapes may be overlapped to create the properties needed for the new shape.
  • The level of difficulty is increased by using more complex shapes, increasing the number of shapes to choose from and using the option to rotate shapes.

Learning objects

shape overlays picture

Shape overlays: picture studio
Students create a picture from a range of shapes made by the intersecting shapes of overlayed shapes. Students select from four regular shapes then slide the shapes over each other to create another intersecting shape. Students cut, rotate and arrange the shape to create their own picture.
Additional fun elements are available to add to pictures if required. A number of starter ideas are provided.
Students can print their picture.