A: Learning to use counting from one to solve problems


Target group: Students in years 1–3

Focusing on:

  • applying counting-from-one strategies to addition and subtraction problems
  • recognising patterns to 10
  • saying forward and backward number sequences.


Teacher observation over a range of activities

The student may be able to count a set of objects to 10 by one-to-one matching but may not join or separate sets. They can rote-count forwards and backwards to 10 but may have difficulty saying the sequence of the teen numbers when counting forwards and backwards to 20. The student may recognise some patterns to 5 (finger patterns and dice patterns) but not patterns greater than 5 (finger patterns, tens frame patterns, groupings of “five and” patterns).

Possible barriers to the student’s progress

  1. Limited understanding that the last number counted is “how many”
  2. Difficulty joining sets
  3. Difficulty recognising patterns to 10

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