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This collection of resources has been developed to support the implementation of the Accelerated Learning in Mathematics (ALiM) project.

2021-22 resources

Level 2
Level 2-3
Level 3
Level 3-4
Level 4

2011 resources

Beliefs underpinning effective teaching of mathematics:

  • Every student’s identity, language, and culture is respected and valued.
  • Every student has the right to access effective mathematics education.
  • Every student can become a successful learner of mathematics.

Ten principles of effective teaching of mathematics:

  1. An ethic of care
  2. Arranging for learning
  3. Building on students’ thinking
  4. Worthwhile mathematical tasks
  5. Making connections
  6. Assessment for learning
  7. Mathematical communication
  8. Mathematical language
  9. Tools and representations
  10. Teacher knowledge

See Effective Pedagogy in Mathematics by G. Anthony and M. Walshaw, Educational Practices Series 19, International Bureau of Education, available at: