• To develop children’s understanding of number order and sequence.

You need:

How to play:

  • Throw the two dice and make a 2 digit number. For example, if a player throws a pattern of 2 and a pattern of 6, they can record either 62 or 26 on the number line.
  • Player one writes their number below the line, player two above the line.
  • Players take turns to throw the dice, make a 2 digit number and place their number on the number line in relation to the first number, either below the line for player one or above the line for player two.
  • Game continues in this way until one player has three of their numbers along their segment of the number line without any of the other players’ numbers in between.


  • Play with three dice to make a three digit number.
  • Play with two dice and make a decimal number.
  • Restrict the number line to numbers between 0 and 1.

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