F: Learning to use basic facts to solve problems


Target group: Students in years 5–8

Focusing on:

  • understanding connections between sets of basic facts
  • fast, fluent recall of the basic fact sets necessary for stage 6
  • using basic fact knowledge when solving word problems.


Teacher observation over a range of activities

The student may have mastered the 2 times, 5 times, and 10 times tables and may know the basic facts for making 10, for doubles and halves to 100, and for near doubles to 20. The student may attempt to solve other multiplication problems by using repeated addition. They may use advanced counting or place value strategies to solve addition problems that could be solved using basic facts.

Possible barriers to the student’s progress

  1. Limited understanding of how to learn basic facts
  2. Difficulty relating a times table fact to a model
  3. Difficulty using facts to solve word problems

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