Doubling using Finger Patterns


  • To develop children’s ability to double numbers 1–20.

You need:

  • Nothing

How to play:

  • The game starts with two players facing each other.
  • Each player puts their hands behind their backs.
  • Player one calls out a number between 1–5.
  • Each player holds up the finger pattern for that number.
  • Player one calls “double”.
  • The players press their finger pattern to the finger pattern of their partner.
  • Both players call out the total number.
  • The game is repeated using all the numbers 1–5.


  • Double numbers 6 -10. When working with numbers bigger than 5 it is best to show a hand of 5 then the additional fingers. For example, 6 would be shown as 5 fingers on one hand plus one finger on the other hand.
  • A solo doubling activity can be done with a mirror. Your child calls out a number and holds up that amount of fingers. Your child rests their finger tips on the mirror and says the number of the fingers he/she can see altogether.

Download a file of this activity:

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