Decimal Rocket Blast Off


  • To develop children’s understanding of the ordering of decimal numbers.

You need:

How to play:

  • Each player has a game board.
  • Player one rolls the dice and creates a decimal number. For example, if a 5 and 6 are rolled, you could make 5.6 or 6.5 and determine the position of the number in their rocket.
  • The winner is the first person to blast off with a completed decimal number sequence from smallest to biggest.


  • You could draw your own rocket and complete the sequence using numbers less than 1. Put 0 at the bottom of your rocket and 0.67 at the top. If you throw a 2 and a 3 your number could be 0.23 or 0.32.
  • You could draw another rocket and reverse the order of the numbers, starting with the highest number at the base of the rocket.

Download a file of this activity:

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