Students explore the relationship between and representation of all forms of fractions using an area model and an interactive number line. Students learn about common fractions, decimal fractions and percentages by designing a park, a city, a school, a farm or a neighbourhood.

Teacher notes

  • Students design various communities on a grid according to a brief. In some learning objects the size of most components is specified, while in others students decide the size of most of the components.
  • The brief can be described in common fractions, decimal fractions, percentages or a combination of these. The emphasis is on equivalence and representations of fractions in the area model (grid), as symbols and on a number line.
  • A grid of various sizes is provided, ranging from 2 x 4 to 10 x 20.
  • A 'how to use' guide is provided.
  • A printout of the student's work is available.

Learning objects

Design briefs picture.

Playground percentages
This is an aggregated learning object combining the school learning objects. Audio instructions are available.