Car Number Plate Maths


  • To practice ordering numbers from 0-100.

You need:

  • Game board (one per player)(PDF, 138KB)
  • Scrap pieces of paper

How to play:

  • Each player has a game board to look at.
  • Ask your child to find a number that comes:
         just before 35, 93, 56, 72, 61, 26
         just after 71, 42, 93, 70, 59, 32.
        There are many questions that you could ask and these are just examples.
  • As you call out a question the players have to write the answers down on their scrap piece of paper.
  • Once you have called out all the questions get the players to tell each other what numbers they wrote. For example, 34 comes just before 35 or 72 comes just after 71.


  • Play it using real car number plates as you are driving or walking to school.
  • Use numbers to 1000 if that is what your children are learning to do at school.
  • For young children get them to find the number 4, or find the number 7.
  • You can adapt this game to play with letterbox numbers as you walk to school.

Download a file of this activity:

PDF (8KB) or Word (27KB)