• To help develop matching, and develop and practise one to one counting.

You need:

Activity 1:

  • Ask your child to place a bean in the first space at the beginning of the track.
  • Count with them as they place them in the following consecutive spaces; 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • Remove the beans and start again repeating the numbers each time your child puts one in the space.
  • Encourage them to place the beans in consecutive spaces. They need to be in order just as the counting numbers are in order.
  • Increase the number of beans and counting numbers as your child gains more confidence.

Activity 2:

  • Turn the pile of digit cards down.
  • Ask your child to turn one over and read the number. They have to put that number of beans on the track. If they turn over 4 they put 4 beans on the track making sure that each one has its own space.
  • To begin with you may like to start with digit cards 1-5.


  • Matching cups and saucers, spades and buckets, one frog on one lily pad, one flower to one vase are all good activities that will help your child develop their one to one matching and counting.
  • Can you match the cups to their saucers?
  • How many cups have you got?

Download a file of this activity:

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