About the Learning Objects

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We are preparing to close this site by the end of August 2024. Maths content is still being migrated onto Tāhūrangi, and we will be progressively making enhancements to Tāhūrangi to improve the findability and presentation of content.

For more information visit https://tahurangi.education.govt.nz/updates-to-nzmaths

Most of the learning objects in this collection were produced by The Le@rning Federation (TLF). TLF was a project that produced online curriculum content to encourage student learning and support teachers in Australian and New Zealand schools. TLF was an initiative of the state, territory and federal governments of Australia and New Zealand.

The learning objects are published in series and some learning objects within a series are aggregated into single learning objects. Aggregated learning objects are symbolised with the symbol symbol. .

The nzmaths website has classified the learning objects into the strands and levels of the New Zealand mathematics curriculum. The learning objects can be accessed from the table on the learning objects homepage. Users can select either a strand or a curriculum level to display the appropriate learning objects. Clicking a cell within the table displays the learning objects at that strand and level. In some instances there are no objects available at a particular strand and level, in this case "No learning objects available" appears in the cell.


Select 'more info' to view a description of the series of objects, or click on the name of the specific object to open it.