9: Using ICT to support ALiM programmes

ICT tools provide many and varied ways to enhance student learning in mathematics. The effective use of these tools can produce powerful learning experiences, increase student engagement, and extend learning beyond the classroom.

This resource outlines ways that ALiM teachers have used ICT to:

  • enhance learning
  • make connections with home
  • extend learning beyond the classroom
  • record student thinking
  • motivate and engage students.

Why is this important?

ICT tools are commonly used to provide students with practice or independent activities. While this is certainly valuable, a teaching approach that integrates ICT tools into learning experiences can lead to increased “collaboration, independent enquiry, shared knowledge, and mathematical engagement” (Effective Pedagogy in Mathematics/Pāngarau BES, page 136).

ALiM groups are an excellent setting for students, and teachers, to use digital resources for exploring mathematical concepts.

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